Tow Dolly Rental One Way – No Chargeback

Tow Dolly Rental One Way

Tow Dolly Rental One Way


I really do like tow dollies.  I will be using one again, no straight trailer all the way. Wait till you have a blowout and take out the grille, hood and fender of the towed vehicle.


I just rented a tow dolly Pulling it with the Grandcherokee…

Towing a trashed landcruiser..weighs i dunno 3500 lbs…tow dollies hate turns…went around a turn,went wide on purpose…i hear POP….the f hitch pulled out two of its six bolts,yanked them right out of the threaded inserts in the frame rail…oops next step?drill up through inserts,destroy them,grade 8 5/8 x 6 inch bolts,all the way up under the cargo carpet,with 4×4″ plates under the heads oughta do it

Thanks for the insight. I took the ICM in to have it tested. It checked out ok. Against better judgement, I bought a new ICM for $100. Installed and the car would not start. dam! Here come the parts cannon comments. Do you have any test suggestions for the wires on the ICM? 2 wire plug on one end. 2(?) wire and a 5 wire plug on the other. Even tho the ICM and PCM are 2′ apart, I am not sure where to start looking for broken wires. I am done with it for today. I hit my daily parts cannon cash limit. I will either drive it home tomorrow or drag it home with the tow dolly.

Flip cars have 30 grand and,thats just a start,youll need one or two for sale,one or two in process,and a few sitting out in the sun,waiting. You need a sizeable place to sit the,even if its just a big backyard. Dont look too prosperous,people will turn you in if you look like youre making money,or,have a total shithole as a workplace,stay somewhere in between.

You need a way to move cars,tow dolly,trailer,rollback. You need something to pull the dolly with.they dont always run,and towing will eat your profits 1 week turnaround? no.think 3 weeks,and probably much longer. dealing with the public sucks,and on CL,it really sucks.

If you are interested in learning more about one way rentals, please take a look at this page from Enterprise HERE

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