Car Trailers Rental A Good Way To Transport

Car Trailers Rental

Car Trailers Rental

Do NOT put 500 lbs on your car hitch. Your car will drive very badly like that, it might even be dangerous.


The leverage on the back of the car would sag the rear end and lift the front end, your wheels might spin on a hill, the back end would scrape on bumps, and the weight distribution might cause your car to go straight when you try to turn. (I am basing this on a 93 crapola with worn out shocks, a new and well maintained corolla wouldnt be as bad) the little utility trailers are affordable and they would not cause problems even if you put all 3 small appliances on at the same time.

If you only need to move your appliances once, I would rent a van or have the items delivered. my appliances came with free delivery and installation.

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