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I will be towing my car behind a Penske rental truck. I reserved the car carrier (all four wheels off the ground), and they suggested I check to make sure the ground clearance is OK.


I drive a 2002 Saturn SL2. (Generic 4 door) While it does have low clearance, there is some kind of plastic “sheild” underneath the front of the car. It scrapes when I leave my steep driveway. Has anyone ever had a car that was too low to tow in this manner? I don’t mind driving it (around 1700 miles), but I would rather not have to pay gas for both the moving truck and the car and add wear and tear. Any thoughts are appreciated.

He May have thought you have comprehensive insurance that covers any collision ,then recovers (called subrogation) that money from the bus’ insurance company. But you should certainly call your insurance company as their advice is free and may have some info about which insurance company you make the claim. You might be able to get thru to them today, so get on it!

If all your facts so far are correct, i.e., liability is clear, I would (and did) go ahead and rent a car but of course that has to go on your credit card (I am assuming you cannot drive your car). The key here is called a ‘duty to mitigate’ meaning that you do not excessively run up the cost of the claim with a high priced rental kept for too long. Call your insurance company now, play dumb, and ask them to explain the process. Also, call the school district’s office and ask who their carrier is. You do not have to wait for the report. I wouldn’t. Call both right now.

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